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From: John Smith
Subject: Dominated by Boss's Son Chapter 4In the morning, I showered before going to give Master Robins his "wake up
call". He was softly snoring and laying on his side. I carefully slide
under the sheet to his morning woody. I was relived that he did not wake
up when I crawled into bed. He was still snoring when my lips touched his
cock head. I very gently stated to suck and lick. He continued to snore
for another minute nude teens free before his big hand pushed my head halfway down his
cock, rolled over onto his back, and picked up the remote. I bobbed on his
meat while he skimmed through a porn DVD I had left in the player. He
stopped at a scene that used to be one of my favorites. A scene with a big
dicked Italian blond Man fucking two bitches in heat. The blond butt fucks
the first bitch, then pulls out and mouth fucks the second bitch. Repeats
this till he starts to cum up the bitch's ass, but pulls out in time to
shoot some into the other cum whore's mouth. Mr. Robins liked this scene.
He used my mouth like a masturbation toy while he watched. I was just a
warm wet hole he used to relieve his morning wood. He shot quickly without
drama. Big load of salty, warm cum for my breakfast.As he headed toward the bathroom, he said his first words of the morning "2
eggs over easy, wheat toast, coffee black, OJ."After his breakfast, he was more talkative. Wanted to tour the lake in the
ski boat. Treated me like a human. Told me to call him Jim and to act
like a Man till he was ready to fuck me again. I really nude teens free enjoyed talking to
Jim while I showed him the best ski & fishing places on the lake. We ate
at a catfish place before heading back to the Resort.Back at the Resort, he was ready for more of my ass. "Strip bitch, got
time to give you one more ass pounding before I leave"He bent my naked body over the back of the couch facing the TV, so he could
watch his DVD from last night while he fucked. The cock slid into my ass
slow and easy this time... No pain. Master Robins reached around to grab
my dick as his last inch went in me. He wasn't stroking my cock, just
making sure his fuckboy was hard & horny."You can't get enough cock in your hole now bitch. I broke you in, made
your ass a pussy forever. Your nice and tight boy, but could be tighter.
Bite down on my meat with your pussy lips. Ahh, better, but not good
enough. You can do better bitch."Master Robins, pulled out. I was confused, disappointed, horny, and
terrified he would complain to Master Paul that I was a bad fuck. Relief
came over me as he repositioned my body. I was laying almost upside down
on my shoulders, back against an arm rest, ass up in the air at cock level
for Master Robins. This was awkward for me but , good for Master Robins.
He shoved his cock back into my ass in one quick motion. In this new
position, his big stick put heavy pressure on my prostate. Rubbing &
massaging it with the motion of his cock. I went wild.My hard cock started to drip precum on to my face as I moaned. " AHH,
Feels so good, SO big.. Fuck fuck ... fuck. Please keep fucking my ass.
Never knew that my ass could make my whole body do this shit. So good.""Yea, your pussy is starting to talk now. Gripping my bone. Could still
be better , bitch. Beat your fagot cock while I long dick your cunt. That
will make you tighten up. If you time it just right, I'll let you young teens ass cum.
You cum while I'm filling your twat with jizz. Cum too early, and Master
Paul will beat your ass. If I cum first, you have to wait for you next
paying guest before you can shoot. Could be weeks."His long dick message of my prostate already had me hot. Just a few
strokes of my cock put me on the edge.I locked eyes with Master Robins as he teen men porn spoke "I've almost fucked the cum
out of you, boy. Your ass has clamped down tight and is milking my cock.
Trying to suck me in. Trying to suck nude teens free the jizz out of my balls. Nice. You
should see the way you look. Bent half in two, strangers meat in you butt,
face twisted in horny pleasure like a porn bitch on Spanish fly. Let me
turn up the DVD sound so you can hear youself. You were begging me to fuck
you while you slurped cocks the first night. Mindless dog in heat now. Do
anything to keep my bone in your ass."I only had to squeeze my dick head occasionally to stay on the edge
cumming. I have never been so close for so long. Looking up at his
powerful chest, the look on his face and the motion of his cock , yea I was
in heat like an animal. I was almost sorry when I felt his dick get harder
and fatter. I started to stroke my meat, so I could cum with him, teen porn summer but he
grabbed my hand. I moaned loud in frustration, I had done teen boobs nude my best for him
and wanted to cum so bad."Open your other fuck hole up. You're going to cum, no need to whine &
beg. You're going to shoot in your mouth."His hand was like a vise on my cock. The rhythm of his hand match the
rhythm of his fucking. I thought I would pass out. His warm jizz fill my
milking pimp my teen porn
ass as my cock shot volley after volley on my face and into my
mouth. Hot stick cum on my tongue and an ass full for Master Robins' jizz.
His whole body shook as he emptied his balls into my hungry hole. But he
was far from finished. Rubbing his cock into the cum on my face, so I
could suck it off. Over and over till every spec of my load was in my
belly. My face was shinny with a combination of my own spit and butt
grease from his cock."Good free cherokee teen porn boy, now your face is clean. Suck my cock clean. Lick out the
foreskin. Suck it to the root."Master Robins cock was almost hard when I finished. I was "cat can't
scratch it" hard."Good boy. Pack my bag & take it out to my car while I shower off"I slept after he left for home. Has been one hell of a weekend and I was
beat.The world was back to normal on Mon. morning. My boss still intimidated
me, but I managed to avoid him for the most part. Saw Jake once before
lunch. He acted like nothing had happened, except he did seem to move with
a confidence I had not noticed before. I was grabbing my suite coat to
head out to lunch when I saw Jake again carrying a brown bag."Go to my office, I got your lunch for you."I did not know what to teen pussy thumbs say, but I followed him down the hall to his office,
hoping I was wrong about what he meant by "your lunch"."Close the door Cal"As I pushed the door closed, I went rock hard."On your knees, you know why your here""Please don't make me do this, we will lose our jobs if we get caught""You want me to tell Master Paul you refused or back talked?"I pleaded "Please don't tell" as I sank to my knees"Open my fly and get a nose hit from my sweaty crotch. I've seen how horny
you get after you smell a Man's cock and balls. Yea breath in deep while I
eat my sandwich."My dick got even harder as my brain went fuzzy. Yea, the funk off his
balls did make me a horny little teen boobs nude
bitch. Master Jake's snake was growing,
pressing against my nose and lips."Take it out and put it in your mouth. No sucking till I am done with
lunch. Just let it soak in your mouth. teen jasmin porn sites You can eat any dick slime you
find. "My dick was painfully pressed into my pants, I wanted to take it out, but I
did not have permission. At least this way I could jump up and sit down if
someone knocked on the door. Finally he was done with lunch. "That was not half bad, think I'll brown
bag it everyday. Now to feed you."He stood up and pushed my head down in one easy motion that gagged me."12:15 already, guess I had better hurry this up. This brazilian teen porn pictures will be the 3rd
load I have feed you, but all three will have been rush jobs"I wondered what he was talking about, we take lunch from 12:00-1:00, but
cock fever took over and I could not think about anything but his
dick....the cum about to fill my mouth."I knew you were a fag almost as soon as you came to work here. The way
you brown nose authority figures, wear suite pants that are just a little
too tight, but show off your nice buns. All the buddies you invited out to
"Ski" were real Men like me. You wanted us all to fuck you. "He made long cum teen porn shots lazy stokes in my throat as he talked " Yea looking forward to
using you holes for more than a quickie. Want some time to use your holes.
Train you holes"He held my head tight and skull fucked me till the knock on the door. I
freaked out... Tried to get up. Jake laughed and kept my face where it
belonged with an iron grip. Could not believe what I was hearing "Come in
doors open."I wanted to die. I was caught on my knees sucking off a coworker.The voice behind me was familiar. tied teen porn " Getting a high protein shake for lunch
Cal? I came down to see Dad. Thought gay teen love I would check up on you. teen cheerleader sex porn Jake, He
servicing you right?"Yea, but the boy nearly shit his pants when you came in. Maybe he should
put his head in your lap till he calms down. I'm ready to teen nude free
feed him now."He pulled almost completely out for my mouth when he unloaded another
extremely thick sticky load. Almost like he was blowing ricotta in
me. "Don't ever swallow me till I tell you. Just keep sucking out my cum.
.....Feels great......Your going to be one hell of a cocksucker soon. Now
open wide and stick out your tongue. Look up at me."I looked up at his handsome, clean cut, almost boyish features. Red hair
cut short, almost a flat top. Looked down to his crisp white shirt and
power tie. I new the white shirt covered a powerful hairy chest and a hard
flat fur covered stomach. I was so horny and hot for this Man. I did not
even care that he was milking his cock out over my free cherokee teen porn open mouth again. Not
quite like a urinal, more like a cum dump."Giving you every drop, jizzboy. You want every tangy drop. Now swish my
cum around. Coat every square inch. I got a daytimer here for you boy.
After I let you swallow. Your going to record this and every feeding I
give you. Tell me how much you love the taste of my load. Want to find
this special daytimer in your top desk drawer at all times, ready for
inspection. Now swallow real slow, too nice a job to rush. Do you like the
way that tastes, jizzboy?""Yes Sir, I love the way it tastes.....makes me so horny."Master Paul spoke up "Time for desert bitch. Get over here and suck me off
fast."Paul was sitting down, pants at his knees, Beautiful hairy legs, beautiful
hard meat. I did not get to blow him. It was more of a quick face fuck.
I was just a warm sucking hole to use. He kept fucking my face as he shot
another huge load into my throat and mouth. Made me even hornier and put a
wet spot in my paints."Sir, May I bet off while I can still taste your cum, Please? ... I need it
so bad Sir.""No time, Paul Case, my Dad, you remember him, your BOSS. He wants to see
you in 30 sec. If you run, you might be on time. Here take the bag. It
has the rest of your lunch in it. You got to keep up your strength, Cal.
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